KneadAce Starter Reactivation

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DAY 1 

Step 1: Empty contents of Sourdough Starter packet into your jarand add 2 oz. of lukewarm filtered water to the jar. Stir until sourdough starter chips are completely covered with water. Place lid loosely on jar (or use a cloth cover) and let starter sit for approximately 3 hours, stirring 4 times during those 3 hours.For best results, surrounding temperature should be between 75f to 82f (see Q&A for details)

Step 2:1st Feed: Once mixture is smooth, add1oz of Unbleached All-Purpose Flour into your jar. Mix gently until all combined.Cover jar loosely and place somewhere warm if you can (approximately 75-85 degrees) or room temperature is fine too (it may just take your starter a little longer to "wake up" in cooler temperatures, and that's ok). There's no set time for this step, but at least 24 hours.



Step 3: 2nd Feed: Once you see some bubbles forming in your mixture, it's time to feed your starter again. Add 3oz. Unbleached All-Purpose Flour & 3 oz. of filtered water.Mix gently and cover loosely again. Let sit at least 8-10 hours, you should see a lot of bubbles after 8-10 hrs.

Step 4:3rd Feed-Discard(empty and toss) 6ozof your starter and repeat Step 3



Step 5:After the second 8-10 hours sit, you're now the proud parent of a fully active, probiotic rich sourdough starter! Time to start a regular feeding regimen! Empty (aka Discard) 6oz. of your active starter, replacing with 3oz of lukewarm filtered water and 3oz. Unbleached All-Purpose Flour, mix gently until combined
After your starter doubles in size, you have few options:
1.use it in recipes,
2.leave it on your counter and repeat step 5once daily, your starter in your refrigerator (sealed airtight in your jar) and repeat steps 5 twice a week.

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