No more dough climbing up the hook & slamming against the mixer body

No need to watch over your mixer while kneading or stop the mixer and clean clogged dough. No more recipe manipulation to try to avoid the dough from hitting the mixer chassis.

Let the KneadAce® Dough Shield do the work for you.

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KneadAce® dough shield keeps the dough in the bowl , where it suppose to be and protect your mixer from clogged dough.

how it works

KneadAce® dough shield will easily snap on your KitchenAid® dough hook. The beveled edges are designed to stop the mass from going all the way up, pushing the dough against the bowl sides resulting in a completely developed gluten and great baking results.

a great complementary to the dough hook attachment

A patent pending design, compatible with all KitchenAid® 4.5qt /5qt Tilt Head stand mixers & 5qt Bowl Lift mixer with C shape hook.

Compatible Dough Hooks : K45DH & K5ADH

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easily Make large batches of sourdoughs & yeast doughs

Use your mixer's maximum capacity and make 3 loaves of sourdough bread or 18 yeast rolls in one batch!

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