Hi, My name is Meni and I love to bake. I’m also an industrial designer with passion to create amazing products for people who love to bake. My mission is to turn us all into gourmet pastry makers.

Anyone who has ever used a mixer to knead dough knows that deep frustration caused by the dough slowly but surely making its way up the kneading hook until it passes the metal disk of the hook and slithers into the mixer body. At this point, there is no choice but to stop the whole process and clean away valuable dough from the mixer.

If you’re like most, you’ve tried adapting your recipe to attempt to stop the dreaded migration of your dough, usually without success and generally ruining the end product.

Consequently, I developed my prototype and just to be sure it wasn’t only my problem, I posted the issue on social media. The response was phenomenal and the rest... as they say, is history.

My patent pending device, the very first of its kind, is now available to you !

We are now continuing to grow and more baking solutions are on the way! 
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